Summer Pathfinders 2021: Final Projects

We had a blast at Infosys Summer Pathfinders 2021! Below are just a few of the amazing final projects made by our participating teachers!

Level 1: Getting Started with Paper Circuits

Career Paths Display by Holly C
Pop-up Light-up City by Joanna B
Interactive Constellation by Pamela S

Goldilocks Electrified Storybook by Jennifer M
Electrified City of Pollinators by Johannah T
Cities and Light Pollution by Erica V

Level 2: Love to Code with the Chibi Chip

3D Pop-Up City by Dianna N
Blackout Diorama Story by Janice L
Glittery Diamond Mines by Ella M
Alice in Wonderland by Darshell S

Interactive Island Map by Christian H

Dance and Song by Joshua C

Level 3: The Arts (Integration) of Paper Circuits

Programmable Snowflake by Karen R
Water Cycle by Julia Q
Pearls of Wisdom Carousel Book by Amy L
Spirited Away by Karen Suzanne D
Theme Park by Pam L
Shadow Theater by Susan M

We want to give a huge shoutout and thanks to all of the phenomenal educators and Chibitronics facilitators who came together this summer to make this possible.

Wishing everyone an inspiring, creative rest of the summer and start to the new school year!

Summer Pathfinders 2021: Final Projects
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