How to make light up skeleton shaker card.

Hi, crafty friends!

This is Eiko and I make light up skeleton shaker card.

When you push the switch, the fireflies glow.

I will make the parts referring to the picture below.

  • Die cut pattern paper with star frame die.
  • Die cut foam sheet with star frame die.
  • Die cut acetate sheet with large star die.
  • Die cut light green paper with small star die.
  • Stamp the sentiment onto light green parts.
  • Die cut foam sheet with small star die.
  • Place the battery on the small star foam sheet and trace the outline and cut out with a craft knife.
  • Switch part.

  • Stamp the fireflies onto white cardstock.
  • Color the fireflies with Copic markers.
  • Cut out the fireflies’ butts with a craft knife.
  • Adhere vellum paper on the back of the butts.
  • Apply double-sided tape on the back of the fireflies.
  • Die cut the fireflies with coordinating die.

Cut the Chibitronics.

I will explain how to cut using this model of Chibitronics.

  • Clean off the adhesive on the back of the Chibitronics.
  • Write the position of the LED and resistor.
  • Draw the cut line.
  • Leave one of the two circuits connected to the positive electrode.
  • Cut along the line with scissors.

The making video is here.

Cut the real Chibitronics.

  • Make a hole with a needle in the electrode.
  • Pass the conductive thread through the hole.
  • Tie the thread.

Adhere the finished part on firefly part.

  • Put the positive side thread upwards.
  • Put the negative side thread downward.
  • Adhere the conductive fabric tape on the tie.
  • Adhere another firefly part.
  • Make the same three.

  • Adhere the star frame foam sheet on the acetate sheet with glue.
  • Adhere the light green star outside the bottom of the acetate star.
  • Adhere the little star foam sheet inside the bottom of the acetate star.
  • Adhere the switch part on the center of the little star foam sheet.
  • Adhere the copper tape on the star frame.
  • Adhere firefly parts on the frame using conductive fabric tape.

Put the Scotch tape on the thread so that the thread does not touch the side of the battery.

  • Adhere the small star foam sheet on the switch using glue.
  • Adhere another foam frame on the foam frame using glue.
  • Insert rhinestones.
  • Adhere the acetate sheet on the foam frame.
  • Adhere the star frame and star part on the acetate sheet.

I finished it!

Be sure to check out the whole video tutorial for more details.

And please see my blog for detailed tutorial.

>>>How to make light up skeleton shaker card.

Thank you for stopping by!

Eiko Uchida

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  1. Pooja 2 years ago so cool ! The see through shaker background makes it very interesting!

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