Chibi Wreath Ring

by Christopher Sweeney in Play

Published on January 25, 2018

Tags : Art, Cards, Design, Holidays, Math

This project is a fun way to use the Chibi Chip and Chibitronics lights, as well as their Love To Code online Microsoft MakeCode Editor, or Text Code Editor.It can be used to make a wreath for the holidays, or for everyday personal use, or for educational usage.

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1)  Start off with gathering all the supplies, and clearing a nice space to layout all of your materials on your workspace.

2) Figure out how large you want to make your ring and/or wreath.You can trace the circles, freehand the design,or use a compass.

3) Once you have created the the ring, make sure you know what colors, and/or lights you want to use.Also,figure out what position you want the positive and negative diodes to go (away from the center,or towards it).Either way works, it just depends on your design, and how you want the copper tape to be laid out.Cut out the design with scissors or Xacto blade.

4) Draw out with a pencil where you want the copper tape to go.Remember, you will need to connect the one side with the ground input, the other side will connect with tip of the light.

5) Once the tape is down, gently adhere your Chibitronics stickers to the copper tape.Make sure not to overlap, so leave a space when you lay down the tape for the lights.Measure if need be to feel more comfortable with your cuts.

6) After you lay down the lights, add your decorations, design,colors, etc. in the negative areas.Make sure there is no metal or graphite as they will conduct electricity if they touch the copper tape.

7) The Chibi Chip is the next part.Connect your phone and/or computer and you will need to make a code for whatever effect you are looking for in the ring/wreath.There are tutorials on the Love To Code, you can follow to design what is right for you.

8) After your code is loaded, you will need to connect  the alligator clips from your ring to the Chibi Chip.Make sure all the tape is stuck down correctly, and make sure the alligator clips make contact.Plug the Chibi Chip in and hit the program button and upload the code.

9) If some of the lights do not come on, don’t worry, it might just be you need to check the copper tape, and make sure the code is correct.You should be able to see a preview on the computer of your code.After that,you should see the lights go on and off.

10) For advanced users who have access to a 3D printer or laser cutter,I suggest creating a ring out of your preferred material, and see what designs you can create that mimic your cardboard creations!


Good luck!

Chris Sweeney



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