Chibitronics with 3D project

by Zainab Salih in Classroom

Published on September 13, 2017

Tags : Design, Engineering, Home Decor, Kid Crafts, Toys, Wearables

The students were asked to develop their design using real life object and use Chibitronics to enhance or develop the original idea. The students practice construction skills, developing the Chibitronics circuit that can be utilized with their projects after learning the templates. Students were able to learn from their mistake and see that as learning opportunity.

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2 LED light Stickers
Two coin cell batteries (3V)
copper tape
Card Board or juice boxes
Paper tissue
Colored paper / any color
Sometime Plastic cup



Chibitronics Products

Classroom Pack of Red, Yellow and Blue LED stickers
Copper Tape
Red, Yellow and Blue LED stickers pack

Circuit template
Elementary, Middle School
Estimated Time
90 mins
Lesson Objective

Build two circuits with One LED after developing the object
Design a light up wireless head set
Learn how to use Chibitronics with a 3D shape – Real life object

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The student will choose a real-life project and develop a 3D design for that object and use the Chibitronics to enhance the original design or to add more features/ light : • Check the Circuit temple and choose the right one for the project • Build the project and place the template of the developed circuit • Check if the modified circuit meet all the template guide lines • Place the Chibitronic Circuit material by placing the copper tape, LED and battery Plan and Construction: The class was divided into a group of 3-4 student. Each student developed their plan for the same project then combine all together and use each one idea to ensure better performance and design. The plan includes: o Required material and quantity o Picture of the project, then adding a drawing showing the circuit placed on the project o Resource that explains the original design and compares It with the project (size, use, others) o How to build it: step by step plan for constructing the project Questions were raised during the project: o What do you see? o What do you learn? o What will you do next? o What went wrong? How to fix it? o What is the difference between your circuit and the Chibitronic template? o What if we do …. Instead of …. Help and support: o The student needs to develop their ideas gradually. This will help them to proceed with critical thinking and define the shortage and mistakes, learn from a mistake is crucial for this project. o Support and asking a question that develops their pathway only after helping them to face their mistakes. o Using “What IF “statement for suggesting a solution and help them to develop their idea.


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