Frida Kahlo Flower Crown

by Hillary Kolos in Craft

Published on September 13, 2017

Tags : Art, Costumes, Design, Engineering, Fashion, Social Studies, Wearables

In this project we look to artist and activist Frida Kahlo for inspiration in creating flower crowns that light up. Through basic circuit design and sewing, students are able to create a wearable flower crown that celebrates history, culture, and nature.

Additional Images


Frida Kahlo pictures, Flower pictures
Example headbands - finished and unfinished
Colored pencils
Headbands (one for each student)
Glue gun glue
Chibitronics LED stickers (three for each student)
Conductive thread
Embroidery thread
Battery holders (one for each student)
Coin batteries (one for each student)


Glue gun
Small and big needles

Chibitronics Products

Pink, Orange and Green LED stickers pack
White LED stickers pack


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