St. Patrick’s Day Light Up Leprechaun Hat

by patricia in Play

Published on April 8, 2017

Tags : Art, Costumes, Fashion, Kid Crafts, Wearables

This is a fun STEM craft to do with your kids on St. Patrick’s Day! Using dollar store supplies and Chibitronics stickers, you’ll make a hat that will make leprechauns green with envy.


Biodegradable Flower Pot (Purchased at $1 store)
Construction Paper (Black, Yellow, White)
Chibitronics LED Circuit Stickers
Copper Tape
Lithium Coin Cell Battery



Chibitronics Products

Copper Tape
White LED stickers pack


1. Cut 1-inch wide strip of black construction paper.  I cut the length of the construction of paper, and used two strips.  Glue strips to the flower pot to make band for the hat.

2. Cut  2 squares from the construction paper.  The squares should measure 2 inches by 2 inches. Create the battery holder: Cut a 1 inch by 2 inch piece of paper. Fold in half, and draw two circles. One is for the positive side of the battery, one for the negative side.  Tape bottom of the battery holder to the 2 inch by 2 inch square of white paper.

3.  Connect copper tape from the positive side to the other side of the piece of paper.  Connect copper tape from the negative side to the other side of the paper.  If one tape crosses over the other tape, make sure to put scotch tape between so the tapes do not touch.  You want to avoid shorting the circuit.

4. Build a parallel circuit.  Add circuit stickers.

5. Add yellow paper on top, and tape together.

6. Tape light-up yellow buckle to the black band.

7. Place your hat on your favorite leprechaun! (or they may just snag the hat before you even have a choice to share!)


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