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Welcome to the chibitronics resources page!

Tech questions? Can’t find the answer you are looking for here?

Please visit our wiki for more information on tech specs and an extended FAQ, or drop by our forum and join a discussion.

Step-by-Step Tutorials

These tutorials will guide you through the Circuit Sticker Sketchbook!

Circuit Sketchbook Tutorial 1: Simple Circuit
Learn how to turn on a single LED light

Circuit Sketchbook Tutorial 2: Parallel Circuit
Turn multiple LEDs on with a single battery

Circuit Sketchbook Tutorial 3: DIY Switch
Make your circuit even more interactive by adding a switch to control your lights

Circuit Sketchbook Tutorial 4: Blinking Slide Switch
Combine multiple switches together to create blinking effects

Circuit Sketchbook Tutorial 5: DIY Pressure Sensor
Make your lights gradually fade in and out with this pressure sensor

Word Circuitry Tutorial
Turn letters and words into circuits!


I'm interested in teaching workshops with Circuit Stickers. How do I go about this?

We’ve created discounted workshop (10-packs) and classroom (25-pack) sets of Circuit Stickers kits specifically for the classroom, museum floor and maker/hacker spaces!

We are also excited to support you in this and are currently putting together materials, like downloadable templates and activity guides, specifically for educators.  Send us a note about your interest (info at chibitronics.com) and we will contact you as these resources become available!

Can you re-stick circuit stickers?

The stickers work about as well as regular stickers– so if you stick lightly first (for prototyping) or use non-tearing materials (like sticking circuits on glass or plastic) they last a few sticks and peels (10 sounds about as far as I’d take that).

But if you stick something down and work it in, and then try to peel the sticker off, it tends to rip the adhesive away.  For this reason, we’ve included a sheet of extra double-sided adhesive for you to clean off the old adhesive (important for good conductivity!) and applying fresh adhesive.  This last process is experimental but has worked for us!

Can I get stickers in time for Christmas 2013?

Unfortunately not, as we are scheduled to deliver by May.

What is Studio Kosagi? And what is Chibitronics?

Chibitronics is a name for circuit stickers and their associated accessories. Chibitronics itself is not a company; it is a research collaboration between Jie Qi (from the MIT Media Lab) and bunnie (from Studio Kosagi).

Studio Kosagi is a hardware manufacturing and trading company based in Singapore. The broad vision is to enable circuit sticker publishing as a platform, so that someday people with ideas for circuit stickers have a route to getting their designs published, in a process analogous to how authors publish books today.