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Best practices for Chibitronics kits

  1. Sketch: Draw your design first, so you’ll only have to tape once.
  2. Single Continuous Copper: Do not tape multiple copper tape pieces together to create electrical connections.  This will not work since the glue on the tape is not conductive.
  3. Smooth: Smooth the surface of the copper tape so that it’s shiny, bright and has a solid connection.  If you use a pencil eraser to do so, make sure to clear any eraser bits.
  4. Set: Press firmly on the circuit sticker and count to five seconds for a strong bond.
  5. Single Use Only! Wash and dry hands prior to using. Our stickers don’t like water, oil, or dirt to come between themselves and a great connection.

Safety guidelines for Chibitronics Kits

  • Choking hazard. Not for children under 3 years.
  • Papercut hazard. Copper tape and paper edges can cut skin.
  • Do not put any components in mouth, eyes, or nose.
  • Seek medical attention immediately if batteries are swallowed. Have physician call the NATIONAL BATTERY INGESTION HOTLINE for advice and follow-up: (202) 625 3333 collect day or night.
  • Keep copper tape and other components clear of AC power plugs and outlets.
  • Store each battery separately and away from copper tape, binder clips, or other metal parts. This avoids unintentional connections that can drain the batteries.