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Circuit Sticker Sketchbook


Learn the basics of circuits and electronics with our interactive sketchbook, written by our inventor, Jie Qi.  This book includes 5 project templates, including simple circuit, parallel circuit, DIY switch, blinking slide switch, DIY pressure sensor.

Circuit stickers, copper tape and batteries are sold separately.

What people say.
Anna M.

I haven't created anything yet but it looks really easy to understand especially if you don't know anything about electronics and how circuits work. The author makes it simple to create circuits. I plan on using it to make light up cards.

Beth H.

I have been teaching 1st grade for over 20 years. Our way of teaching a closed circuit was first 'played' by holding hands and the circuit made it all the way around. I quietly told 1 student about half away around not to squeeze their neighbor's hand. When the last child didn't get the 'squeeze' they all looked around to try to understand what went wrong. Then I explained what happened. When they understood, their 'circuit' made the connection. We drew pictures of both open and closed circuits. Hands-on learning always helps with understanding. I would love to have had this marvelous "invention" then as it would be the next step into further understanding. LOL

Nancy S.

Such fun and easy to use!

Nakia B.

I would consider the sketchbooks I received to be defective or of poor quality. The cutouts for the binding appear to either have not been cut completely or glued together, so pages don't turn properly. While some pages do function properly, those that don't can't even be separated without tearing. This problem affects both sketchbooks I purchased. Other Chibitronics items I've purchased have been of good quality, so these sketchbooks were a little disappointing.

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