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This page contains information pertaining specifically to the chibitronics stickers made available through the first Crowd Supply Campaign.

Technical Specs

Circuit stickers consist of electronic components pre-soldered onto kapton substrates. These substrates are laminated to a sandwich of anisotropic conductive tape (also known as Z-tape) and a base wax-coated paper layer. The stickers are cut so they are easy to remove from the paper backing. They are designed to operate from either a 3V lithium coin cell or a regulated 5V power source.

The Crowd Supply Campaign Stickers have three general categories of stickers:

  • LED stickers: these stickers contain a single LED plus a current-limiting resistor, enabling them to function over a wider voltage range than a directly connected LED.
  • Pattern stickers: these stickers pre-programmed to generate single output signal in a blink, fade, twinkle, or heartbeat function. The output is designed to drive up to 500 mA.
  • Advanced stickers: the advanced stickers include light and sound sensors, a trigger circuit, and a microcontroller. The trigger circuit takes a short sensor event, and turns it into a longer pulse. The microcontroller is an ATTiny85. A breakout board is included that allows you to program the ATTiny85 using an AVRisp MK-II or similar ISP adapter.


An archive of all the design files (schematics and gerbers) for the stickers can be downloaded at the following links. All file copyrights are licensed under CC-BY-SA 3.0, and patents under Apache 2.0.

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md5sum: 1d22c4291c89b0a2fee6199e70a9512d

Source code for the stickers can be found at these links: