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General Safety Notice

Under no condition should these devices be used in mission-critical situations, such as but not limited to safety, security, medical or life-saving applications.

Circuit stickers are not recommended for children under the age of 13, and contain parts that constitute a choking hazard and/or hazardous if ingested. Keep out of reach of infants.

Do not eat circuit stickers.

Circuit stickers are made of a thin, stiff material that can lead to papercuts if handled inappropriately.


Where do I go for crafting resources?

Please visit the chibitronics resources page.

Can you re-stick the stickers?

Like normal stickers, they are designed to be stuck exactly once. Since the adhesive takes some time to reach full strength, if you are careful, you can peel the stickers off right away, but this causes the sticker to lose some of its tack (which can make faulty connections in the circuit).

Starting with acrylic surfaces helps them last a little longer. We’ve also provided additional conductive adhesive which may be used to “re-sticker” old boards, but this is still experimental!

Limitations of the Z-tape adhesive

The stickers are sensitive to high humidity, dust, dirt, vibration, and creasing.

It takes up to 24 hours for a full bond to cure between the adhesive and the underlying substrate.

What happens if I plug in a sticker backwards?

If you plug the sticker in backward, you may permanently damage the circuit. You will probably also see some smoke and heat come out from the sticker.

Try not to do this.

How much can I bend a sticker?

Stickers may be bent, but it is not recommended to crease or fold a sticker, as it will cause the copper traces to crack or delaminate, leading to permanent failure.

Generally, you should not apply a bend radius less than an inch.