Light-Up Whirlybird / Paper Helicopter

Light-Up Whirlybird / Paper Helicopter

Written by: Natasha / TechnoChic


In this tutorial, you’ll learn to make a light-up paper helicopter.


Materials & Tools
Tips, Tricks & Callouts

This paper toy spins as it flies!


paper, LED, flying toys, simple circuits




  • Scissors or craft knife
  • Printer for Template


Video Overview:

Step 1

Print the template on thick, colorful paper. Choose three LED Circuit Stickers for your project.

Step 2

Cut out the template along the solid lines as shown. Lay conductive fabric tape along the black lines on the template.

Step 3

Place the LED Circuit Stickers over the conductive fabric tape, following the template as shown:

Step 4

Fold the two flaps behind as shown:

Step 5

Place the coin cell battery with the “+” side facing up on top of the “-” circle:

Use a binder clip to fold the paper over and clip the battery inside.

Step 6

The LEDs should turn on! Fold the top flaps over in opposite directions.

Step 7

Now you are ready to throw your Whirlybird! Enjoy throwing it high up and watch it twirl!

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