STEAM Learning with Chibitronics

Educators are using paper circuits to seamlessly integrate art, STEM, social studies, and language arts.

Students can create interactive artwork, illuminate haikus and illustrate “I Am” poems, map the stars and the world around them, invent cardboard arcades and paper cities, and much more!

Start here to make your first paper circuit. Need help? Try our troubleshooting tips, join our educators group, or contact us.

To learn more, check out our lesson plans and templates. For more ideas, browse the student gallery and art gallery. We’d love to see what you and your students make!

I love the light bulb moment for students or teachers in workshops, especially when they are or were like me – intimidated and then empowered. It makes me feel smart and powerful and accomplished and successful when I make the light light up. In fact, that is my FAVORITE part of every workshop – when people explain ‘Oh! I did it!’ I think doing this work is very empowering for girls and those not as confident about science. 

– Molly, high school English teacher

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