Paper craft became more magical as it took on the interactivity of electronics, while the electronics became not only more beautiful, but also more meaningful within the context of a crafted scene… Paper electronics opened new modes of expression… and enabled the creation of new types of artifacts that would not have existed otherwise.”

-Jie Qi, Paper Electronics: Circuits on Paper for Learning and Self-Expression

Pop-Up book of Munich by Jill Dawson

Yokai Miniature Pop-up Book by Yuriko Kitano

Lasercut Jellyfish by Kristin Osiecki

Circuit Sketchbook Art Library – Sketchbook art from around our community!

Exquisite Circuits by Jie Qi, Natalie Freed, Tiffany Tseng, Becca Rose Glowacki, Fay Shaw, Barbara Leidahl, and Yoshihiro Kawahara

Paper Circuit Zines by Neta Bomani

Tickytown by K-Fai Steele

Curiosity of Rain by Becca Rose Glowacki

Quiet Invitation by Mary Uthuppuru

Illuminated Origami by Michael Shannon

Animating Cranes by Jie Qi

Astrawlogy by Red Hong Yi

Electronic Popables by Jie Qi and Tungshen Chew

Wifi Connected Tide Notebook by Natalie Freed

Telescrabook by Natalie Freed, Jie Qi and Adam Setapen

Building Buildings by Bénédicte Enou, Laura Mussard, Bo Pang and Jie Qi

Circuit Jewelry by Yael Friedman

Frayed Bus by Owen Trueblood

Twinkling Stars Inside Stomach by Sarah Mallory

Reflections by Rahul and Emily Bhargava

Animated Vines by Jie Qi and Adrian Melia

Input Output Paper by Jie Qi

LED Dragon Kite by Jie Qi and Jonathan Samuelson

For more inspiration, be sure to also check out the student work over at our Student Gallery!

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