Illuminated Origami

Illuminated Origami

By Michael Shannon

These origami works are playfully augmented with light and interactive circuitry. Illuminating different folding techniques with light, such as shining through crumpled layered paper and sharp creases, creates beautiful textures and lines on the paper while adding dynamic elements.

You can find many more great images, videos and even unfolded circuits of these delightful origami works on Michael Shannon’s instagram account @Phreq.uency. The following are some selected posts:

Image Gallery

About the Artist

Michael Shannon is an origami artist. designer and explorer. He discovered his passion for origami as a child, 9 or 10 years old, and taught himself using books from the library. He has since fallen in love since with the magic of transforming a single sheet of paper into something amazing, as well as the journey and joy of manipulating paper by hand.

Artist Website:

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