LED Spinner Toy: Heart

Spin this Heart to make spiraling light-trails!

Written by: Natasha from TechnoChic


In this tutorial, you’ll learn to make a paper spinner that lights up – it makes cool light trails.


Materials & Tools

It’s a “love”-ly light show.


LEDs, Hearts, Valentine’s Day, Love, Nighttime, Sleepover Crafts



  • Scissors
  • Awl
  • Glue Stick
  • Printer to print template


Download the template here:


Video overview:

Step 1

Print and cut out the template.

Step 2

Glue the front template to a piece of chipboard (a cereal box is perfect).

Step 3

Cut it out.

Step 4

Flip it over and glue the back template to the back.

Step 5

Use an Awl to poke out the two center holes as shown:

Step 6

Take out the conductive fabric tape:

Step 7

Lay the tape over the template as shown, then continue onto the back in Step 8.

Step 8

Continue to lay the negative side first (the piece that goes straight over the edge).

Make a small loop of conductive tape to connect the battery to the negative side of the circuit. Then, place the battery on top of the loop with the positive side facing up. Finally, continue to lay the other (positive) piece of tape over the battery.

Step 9

Place circuit stickers over the template where indicated, making sure to match the + and -.

Step 10

Cut out the heart templates. We will use these templates to cut the shapes from felt. If desired, you could skip the felt and leave the hearts intact, only punching out the holes where shown.

Step 11

Use each template to cut out the shape from felt. Use a punch or awl to poke holes where shown.

Step 12

Cut out another large heart for the back.

Step 13

Glue the heart pieces on top of the LEDs, making sure that the holes line up. This will ensure that the light from the LEDs will shine brightly.

Step 14

Glue the large heart to the back, and use an awl to poke holes from the front through to the back.

Step 15

Cut a 3-foot piece of yarn. Thread the yarn through one of the holes and back through the other. Tie the two ends in a knot and cut away any extra yarn. Pull the yarn loop so that the same amount of yarn is on each side of the heart.

Step 16

It’s time to spin!

Hold the yarn at both ends, with the heart in the center. Start to swing the heart front to back in a circular motion. Once the yarn gets twisted, pull outward on the yarn and it will untwist and retwist quickly. Keep pulling whenever the yarn winds the other way.

Watch the lights from the side for a spectacular light show!

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