Light Up Slider Card

Hello, friends! It’s Wei Wei here with this slider light up card featuring Chibitronics LED Stickers and Lawn Fawn stamp set!

For this card, as soon as you place the battery, the car lights up, and then you can drive the card by pulling the tab. Once the car arrives the destination, the light on the dialog box lights up!

Here is the circuit I used.

Here is the mechanism under the card.

I made a step by step video, you can watch it on my YouTube Channel:

That is all from my side today. I hope you were inspired and give Chibitronics products a try!

Have a great day. Thank you

The supplies I used are:

Copper Tape, Red,Yellow, Blue MegaPack (30 stickers), Conductive Fabric Tape Patches

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  1. Victoria Banaszak 2 months ago

    That is super cute!

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