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New Tutorial from Guest Designer/ Maker Celeste Moreno!

Chibitronics welcomes, and would like to formally introduce, our first guest blogger, Celeste Moreno! Celeste is a designer of creative learning experiences and a maker. When we first saw Celeste Moreno’s Light Up Nicho (Shadow Box) on Twitter (@CeMoCreates), we knew we had to let her know that we were impressed! When we asked whether […]


UNA CONVERSACIÓN con la Educadora, Diseñadora y Tecnóloga Creativa, PAOLA GUIMERÁNS (Versión en inglés aquí) Determinar cuál puede ser la mejor aplicación de las tecnologías creativas para escalar el aprendizaje STEAM comienza a menudo en los talleres de formación para el profesorado. En estos talleres prácticos los y las docentes   prueban nuevos materiales e invitan […]


A CONVERSATION with Educator, Creative Technologist and Designer PAOLA GUIMERANS (Spanish version here) Scaling expressive technologies for STEAM learning often starts in train-the-trainer workshops. Hands-on sessions with curious educators and their organizations introduce new materials and invite participants – typically coaches, program managers, teachers, and subject matter experts such as artists, introductory CS instructors, department […]

Susan Lowdermilk, Book Artist

<Art, Craft, and Telling Stories with Pop-up> CHIBI: We met on the Hack Your Notebook project, for what turned into Booklet #2, Engineer Your Materials, Working with Pop-up. By that time, you’d discovered Chibitronics co-founder Jie Qi’s circuit stickers and had begun exploring possibilities for book arts, pop-up and electronics. Can you share some detail […]

Featured Educator – Darshell Silva

Longtime crafter, educator, and recent Chibitronics Teaching Ambassador Darshell Silva joined us this year at the Pathfinders 2021 Summer Institute, enrolling in the Level 2 track. Enjoy this Q&A and learn how books, paper, information skills and a deep appreciation for multiple literacies in Maker Education comes together in her work at a middle school […]

Meet the Maker: Kristin Osiecki

We’re proud to feature our latest maker, Kristin Osiecki, who authored this month’s featured lesson plan on Surrealist Paper Electronics.  Kristin Osiecki is a Designer, Educator and Maker living and working in the Boston area. As an educator, she has focused her work on the intersection of the visual arts and technology, exploring electronics and […]

Meet the Maker: Jessica Frost Ballas

Jessica Frost-Ballas is one of our early craft adopters.  She makes the most beautiful cards, and has the sunniest personality o match.  Check out her blog for card and paper craft inspirations. What is your story? Hi, I’m Jessica! I’m a harpist and pianist by day and a papercrafter by night. I am very lucky […]

Meet the Maker: Christina Hsu

1. What is your story? I’m an East Coast native who migrated to the West Coast many years ago. I have degrees in marketing and management from MIT and Harvard. I absolutely love sharing fun products with consumers of all ages, but working with kids is my favorite. I think it’s because I’m a big […]

Meet the Maker: Colleen Graves

We’re excited this month to introduce rockstar maker/educator/librarian Colleen Graves. Colleen has been sharing all sorts of wonderful ideas and resources for making with technology and how to set up spaces that nurture such creativity! 1. What is your story? I’m Colleen Graves, I’m a Maker, a Teacher, and a Librarian. I started using Chibitronics […]

Meet the Maker: Tracie Hightower

We were lucky enough to catch up with Tracie Hightower from Cranbook Schools at ISTE. Tracie is the Upper School Librarian/Education Technologist at Cranbook, and has converted part of the library into a MakerSpace. Tracie’s goal is to expose her students to different materials in order to inspire curiosity, learning and creativity. 1. What is […]

Meet the Maker: Josh Burker

1. What is your story? I am a constructionist educator, author, digital artist, amateur programmer, husband and father, and curmudgeon. I enjoy exploring the spaces where crafting and technology intersect. I worked in schools as a Technology Specialist, Technology Club founder and advisor, an “Academic Technology Coordinator,” teacher, and systems engineer for seventeen years working […]

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