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Chibitronics makes high-tech art and craft supplies so you can take your classroom to the next level!

Products and Pricing

Below are our best-selling product offerings with US retail and wholesale prices. For our full product offerings, please download our Reseller Product Catalog.

Lights – 30 LED Packs

Lights Sampler
Mega Pack
Retail: $35.00

white megapack

White LED
Mega Pack

Retail: $35.00

A package contains triangular stickers with LEDs in them.

Mega Pack

Retail: $35.00

Pink/Orange/Green Mega Pack
Retail: $35.00


Chibi Lights STEM Starter Kit
Retail: $35.00

Circuit Stickers Intro Pack
Retail: $12.00

Tapes and Materials

Fabric Tape
Retail: $10.00

Copper Tape
Retail: $10.00

Fabric Tape Patches
Retail: $10.00

Pressure Sensor Sheet
Retail: $10.00


White Classroom Pack
(90 LEDs & 6 tapes)
Retail: $125.00

Red Yellow Blue Classroom Pack
(90 LEDs & 6 tapes)
Retail: $125.00


To place an order please contact our sales representative from FullCircle26, Inc.
Shelley Matthews at FC@chibitronics.com.


Educator’s Guide

Our Educator’s Guide is a comprehensive guide to STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) learning with paper circuits!

To receive a free copy of the guide, please click the button below to go to the download page.

Download the guide!

Light-Up Leaf Tutorial

In this tutorial,  we will show you how to make your own light-up leaf. And, since there are many ways to personalize a leaf, this is a great project for collaboration!

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