Book art

Tilt Sensing Illuminated Tunnel Book (with Chibitronics LEDs)

In my latest tutorial, Illuminated Tunnel Book (with a Tilt Sensor), I’ll show you how to use Circuit Sticker LEDs and a tilt switch to add lighting and interactivity to create a glowing piece of art that turns on and off with a tilt of your wrist. To view a full video demonstration, learn about […]

Light Up Waterfall Card Featuring Chibitronics LED Stickers

Pull tab sliders, also known as waterfall cards, add interactivity and a surprising flipping motion to handmade creations such as greeting cards, scrapbooks, and posters. Easily constructed with paper, glue, and tape, their flat design and flexibility make them ideal for adding paper circuitry.  In this new tutorial, perfect for Valentine’s Day, Jill Dawson shows […]

NEW TUTORIAL: Flying Concertina Accordion Book by Jill Dawson

New tutorial up on our tutorials page by Jill Dawson! In this tutorial, we will show you how to add motion and light to a fun and flashy variation of the traditional accordion book structure! You’ll learn how to use conductive thread as a decorative and conductive element, and how to use a reed switch […]

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