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Meet the Maker: Moonshotkidz

Moonshot Thinking with Moonshotkidz Moonshotkidz is an exciting new startup that is “currently producing arts, crafts and content” related to “DIY electronics, STEAM, and science activities for beginners.”  A gallery of boundless creativity, a vibrant well of inspiration, the interactive works of Moonshotkidz are a feast for the eyes. The founder of Moonshotkidz, Irina Rymshina, […]

Meet the Maker: Kathy Ceceri

An accomplished author and educator, Kathy Ceceri is known for her captivating designs in robotics and paper engineering. A prolific content creator, specializing in a wide variety of hands-on projects, Kathy is also a familiar face on the Maker-Faire circuit. Imaginative and kid-friendly, Kathy’s inventions are packed with practical applications of science, technology, engineering, art, […]


UNA CONVERSACIÓN con la Educadora, Diseñadora y Tecnóloga Creativa, PAOLA GUIMERÁNS (Versión en inglés aquí) Determinar cuál puede ser la mejor aplicación de las tecnologías creativas para escalar el aprendizaje STEAM comienza a menudo en los talleres de formación para el profesorado. En estos talleres prácticos los y las docentes   prueban nuevos materiales e invitan […]

Susan Lowdermilk, Book Artist

<Art, Craft, and Telling Stories with Pop-up> CHIBI: We met on the Hack Your Notebook project, for what turned into Booklet #2, Engineer Your Materials, Working with Pop-up. By that time, you’d discovered Chibitronics co-founder Jie Qi’s circuit stickers and had begun exploring possibilities for book arts, pop-up and electronics. Can you share some detail […]

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