Paper Gift Box Tutorial


This tutorial shows you how to make a small paper gift box with a circuit sticker that lights up when closed, and turns off when opened.

Box Inside Tape Box Outside Tape


You will need:

  • OneĀ LED Circuit Sticker
  • paper box template printed on card stock (download PDF here)
  • conductive copper tape
  • regular tape (e.g. scotch tape or masking tape)
  • 3V coin cell battery
  • scissors


Step 1.Ā Cut out the paper box template


Step 2.Ā Measure and cut three pieces of copper tape. DO NOT peel the tape yet.

Piece 1 From outside of side 1 to halfway onto inside of side 2
Piece 2 From halfway onto outside of side 4 to top of tabĀ above side 4
Piece 3 From halfway onto outside of side 4 to halfway onto outside of side 2


Step 3.Ā Peel and place front piece of copper tape (longest piece). Start on outside of side 1, fold over edge to inside of side 1, and end halfway onto the inside of side 2

IMG_6474 IMG_6475

Step 4.Ā Peel and place top piece of copper tape (smallest piece). Start on outside of tab above side 4, finish halfway onto outside of side 4.


Step 5.Ā Fold box between sides 2 and 3 and cut out small slit between these sides. Unfold.


Stick unpeeled third piece of copper tape (middle length) into slit between sides 2 and 3, copper side face down. Mark where strip exits slit.



Step 6.Ā Starting with the end of tape farther from your marker, peel and stick strip onto outside of box. Start halfway onto outside of side 4. When you reach mark, rip white backing, leaving other piece of backing still on the tape (so inside is not sticky). Stick unpeeled end through slit.

IMG_6487 IMG_6489

Step 7.Ā Place circuit sticker on outside of side 4 in gap between copper tape.


Step 8.Ā Fold and crease along all lines, folding towards the inside of the box.


StepĀ 9. Place battery in center of side 2 between the two pieces of copper tape. Secure with one piece of regular tape. You can alsoĀ secure your battery with small magnets (as seen below). Ā *Make sure the positive side of your battery is connected to the copper tape that touches the positive side of your LED.


Step 10.Ā Tape covering trapezoid over copper tape on inside of side 1. Make sure to tape only along the sides and bottom, leaving the top open. ThisĀ should create a pocket for the top tab to tuckĀ into once the box is folded.


Step 11.Ā Fold up sides 1, 3, 5, and 6. Tape tabs to inside of adjacent sides to assemble box.


Step 12.Ā Tuck tab on the top of side 4 into covering to close box and turn on LED.


Congrats!Ā Your paper box is complete! Simply close the box to turn on the light, or open it to turn it off.

Paper Gift Box Tutorial
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