Kissing Dogs Light Hearts Up (Valentine Slider Card)

Hi Folks! Kelly here from Notable Nest with a fun little Valentine’s Day card to share. This one features two dogs. When you slide the dog on the right so that his nose touches his friend’s nose,

they kiss!

and then the hearts light up! Let’s take a look at how it was made.

Starting with a panel 3 7/8″ x 5 1/8″, I die cut a heart in the middle, backed the entire panel with red vellum, and die cut tiny hearts from the larger heart. The vellum helps allow the light to spread through the open heart shapes more.

On the front of the panel, I cut a horizontal slit that’s about 1/16″ tall. This will be the channel that the switch (dog) slides back and forth in.

Here’s a look at all the mechanics of the card. Before doing anything, I placed the panel over my card base and marked where the openings for the hearts will be. Then I was able to sketch out where the lights need to be, and therefore where the copper tape will need to go. This was all marked with pencil before laying down the copper tape. The copper tape attaches directly to the round battery in the bottom left corner. From there the copper tape goes to the three lights in in the middle. The positive charge you’ll notice has a break in the tape near where the pencil is. This will be one side of our switch to turn the lights on and off.

The other side of the switch is attached to the dog. This switch was made by folding two pieces of paper in half, putting the folded sides next to each other, and wrapping around them with the copper tape. When the dog is slid into position, the copper tape on the switch below him will serve as a bridge between the two sections of copper tape and allow the current to pass through. As soon as the dog is moved back to the side of the card, the connection is lost, the circuit fails, and the lights turn off.

That’s really all there is to this Valentine’s Day card. As a finishing touch I stamped “slide me” on the dog’s body so people know how to operate the card. This was the first time I made a light up card with an object (the dog) acting as the switch instead of a pull-tab. I kind of like making cards this way … so much more fun moving a dog around the card instead of a rectangular pull tab!

Thanks so much for looking!

Supplies used:

White LEDs

Copper Tape

CR2032 Batteries

United We Flourish, Good Friends Stamp Set by My Favorite Things (Ellen Hutson)

True Multifacted Heart Die (Winnie & Walter)

Interactively Yours (Heffy Doodle)

Kissing Dogs Light Hearts Up (Valentine Slider Card)

3 thoughts on “Kissing Dogs Light Hearts Up (Valentine Slider Card)

  1. I absolutely adore this card! New to using chibitronics. Any chance you’ll be posting a video showing how you made it. I’m pretty sure I can find other videos showing how to construct a similar slider, but would love a how-to for your’s.

  2. This is so cute! Im still struggling with my circuit so I have decided to give it a rest for a while. I will surely take it up again.
    I absolutely love chibitronics!

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