Light up fireflies

When I saw this stamp set with fireflies I knew I had to make them light up. I used my Chibitronics and some glow in the dark embossing powder to give a double effect.

I started by using my Misti to make two panels that looked exactly the same. This way it’s super easy to know where to place the lights. On the one that’s going on top, I diecut circles over the fireflies butts and covered them with vellum. This lets the light through while covering the circuit.

As you can see I just placed the lates on top of the flies and connected everything with copper tape. I used one of the connective fabric patches to connect to the positive side of the battery. I’ve had copper tape rip after attaching the top so I like to secure it a bit better. The fabric patches are very flexible and don’t rip. This is a good time to see that all the LEDs are lighting up as they are supposed to. I used yellow LEDs to give a warmer light. I have never seen a firefly so I’m just guessing here but it seemed like they would have a warm light.

Time to add the switch. I was not thinking ahead and placed it on the right side first. Well, that wasn’t the brightest idea since the lower led then is placed before the switch. I have no idea how I missed that. Luckily the fabric patches saved the day again. I also add patches “inside” the switch. I’ve noticed when I pull the switch out the copper tape sometimes peels away and the connection isn’t as good.

This is what it looks like with two layers of foam tape and with the pull for the switch glued on. A bit messy but no one will see it. I never manage to make the insides look neat.

Add the card front to the back and the card is done. I stamped little dots and embossed with glow in the dark powder to make it look like tiny flies around the big ones. I added some Nuvo drops on top for some extra fun.This is what the card looks like without the LEDs turned on in the dark. Pretty fun!But when you turn the LEDs on it turns into this. Even more fun! I can’t wait to send this card to someone and light up their day!

Chibitronics supplies used for this card:

Light up fireflies

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