Jingle Bells Light Up Bear’s Nose!

Hello Folks! Kelly Griglione here, and I’m so excited to share with you a light up card that only works when the bear holds the magic jingle bell you give him! Let’s take a look!

The circuitry operates on top of the card base, and the bear is placed over the circuit. I’ve wrapped foam tape (shown just above the circular battery) with copper tape where the hole from the bear’s arm would be. To make sure the connect is very strong here, I’ve used two strips of mesh tape. The bottom of the jingle bell also has copper tape on it. Now, when you slide the jingle bell under the bear’s arm, the arm actually presses the copper-wrapped bell through the hole and onto the copper-wrapped foam tape, turning the light on.

Here’s the other side of the bear. You can see the copper tape on the bottom of the jingle bell showing through the arm hole. You can also see where I cut away the bear’s nose with an exacto blade and backed the hole with red vellum to make his red Rudolph nose.

It’s a pretty simple circuit, and only requires one light, but I really like the whole concept of the card … the bear only comes to life as his alter-ego Rudolph once he believes, and jingles. his bell.

I’m also happy that this light-up card has no sliding switches, or areas where you have to press down. When giving the card I think it would be fun to have the jingle bell inside, and then write a story about believing in the spirit of the season, and why don’t you see what happens when the bear believes and jingles his bell. (he turns into Rudolph!)

The bear is one of my favorite images to use on a wide variety of cards because you can have him interact with so many different things just by holding them in his die-cut arms. He’s the All Inside bear from Essentials By Ellen, with the die that cuts out his arms. The jingle bell and moose antlers are from the Comfort and Joy set by Winnie and Walter. The sweater background pattern and sentiment are from Snow Days by Essentials by Ellen.

I like that most of the card is completely flat, and only the bear is mounted on foam tape (and the battery). This makes the light up card similar to any other card you may normally create, where you only want to pop up the main element of the card. Only difference is, this card actually lights up!

And there you have it! A relatively simple, and interactive, light-up bear with a story.

I’m sure there are so many other different ways to turn the lights on … I’d love to hear any of your ideas!

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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Jingle Bells Light Up Bear’s Nose!
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