Light Up Ocean Scene

Hello, Allison Cope here! Today I’m sharing a very simple tutorial on how I created this fun light up Oceanic scene card with you!

To begin my card, I first stamped out my images onto some cardstock. I stamped one piece to color and one piece to use as my circuit backer. I colored up my mermaid and her fishy friends with Copic Markers.

Next I stamped the same mermaid image onto black cardstock and cut her out. I adhered her to the back of the Copic colored front panel of my card. This doesn’t allow any light to pass through the mermaid and allows the lights to glow around her instead.

Next I took my stencil tool from the “Craft Effects and Stencil” set and mapped out my entire circuit on my lighted stamped background. Red pen equals negative side of the circuit and the green pen is the positive side of the circuit. The image stamped on the back makes it a lot easier to know exactly where I want to place my LED Light Stickers.

I laid down our “Copper Tape” along my negative lines of the circuit on the card base. I tend to start this side of the circuit first because I can lay all my Copper Tape down under the area where my batteries will go.

I finished placing all of the copper tape along the positive lines of the circuit and built my little battery house. I used some 5mm (1/8″) thick foam tape to create the battery housing and added it to the card panel parameter to allow for the thickness of my batteries. Next I adhered down my White LED Light Stickers, my Blue LED Light Stickers and my single Yellow LED Light Sticker. To ensure that some of my lights were secure and some of my joints were connected properly, I secured them our “Conductive Fabric Tape Patches“.

Now that circuit is complete and the batteries are installed. Let’s light it up…

Voila! By pressing the sentiment, this pressed the copper tape in the battery housing to complete the circuit and light up our amazing little LED Light Stickers! So super fun!

To check out the card in action, you can view this very short video HERE.

Thanks for joining me today! I hope this inspires you to get out your Chibitronics products and go light something up!

~ Allison Cope ~

Light Up Ocean Scene
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