Chibitronics Makes Connections at the NAMTA Creativation Trade Show 2024

We’re Back!

Chibitronics is back from our third annual visit to the National Art Materials Trade Association (NAMTA) Creativation Trade Show, which took place in the Big Easy (New Orleans, LA) from 23-27 March 2024.

Pictured from left to right are Jill Dawson, Jessica Frost-Ballas, Jie Qi, Jim Scatena, & Scott Briechle. Glowing mask decor designed by Jenn Cascell.

During Creativation’s two days of education, our CEO, Jie Qi, led a pair of highly-engaging interactive workshops. In total, fifteen participants joined us for hands-on sessions featuring an exciting combination of our most popular—and some soon-to-be-released—products. 

An assortment of our most popular and some soon-to-be-released-products were featured during our workshops.

Participants in the first workshop, Curiosity to Confidence – Light Up Your Crafts with Chibitronics, warmed up by lighting up their name tags. Then, while learning about how fun and easy it is to add light and interactivity to paper crafts, they made interactive cards featuring a selection from our new Template Notebook. By the end of the workshop, participants applied their skills to create free-standing, switched, collapsible displays, featuring our entire range of Sticker LEDs!   

Switched , collapsible LED Sticker Color Sampler Display

Attendees at the second workshop, Bright Ideas with Chibitronics – Techniques and Tricks for Crafting with Light, explored more advanced techniques for using light as a creative tool. In addition to creating a more sophisticated interactive card, they learned how to integrate a variety of templates, switches, and sensors into their creations. One of the highlights of this workshop was the guided formation of a gorgeous, collapsible, three-dimensional spring shadow box engineered by Rana Alo of Magengo Designs.

Rano Alo designed this clever spring shadow box that folds flat

During the trade show that followed, over the course of three days, hundreds of visitors stopped by our beautiful booth.

Chibitronics Booth #110 NAMTA 2024: mask decor designed by Jenn Cascell

While there, they were greeted with a variety of make and take options. Glowing mask pins and a series of gorgeously decorated card fronts were made possible with the talent and effort of our design team. You can watch Jessica Frost-Ballas in action during one of these booth demos, visit Chibitronics Booth Demo at Creativation 2024.

Card panels for make and takes
Mask pins for make and takes

This year’s stunning booth decor, a series of intricately cut, illuminated Mardi Gras masks, was designed in collaboration with our own Jenn Cascell.  

Jenn Cascell designed elaborate Mardis Gra masks for us to light up in our booth!

As we reflect on all of the people we met up with in New Orleans, a lot of new friends combined with a number of familiar faces, we’d like to extend our gratitude to everyone who attended our workshops or visited Booth #110. We hope to see you next year at Creativation by NAMTA 2024 in Seattle, WA!

Chibitronics Makes Connections at the NAMTA Creativation Trade Show 2024
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