Author : Lindsay Balfour

Christmas Tree

Create a new tradition this Holiday season on a miniature scale. Make an origami Christmas tree with sparking ornaments! Materials 7 Yellow LED circuit stickers 7 Red LED circuit stickers 2 Strips of 16” – 18″ copper tape (1) 6″ x 6″ light green Astrobright paper (or origami paper) (1) 5″ x 5″ light green Astrobright paper (or origami paper) (1) 1/2″ […]

Christmas Ornament

Celebrate the upcoming season with a decorative, paper craft ornament that has a pattern of lights strung along its side. Hang a single or a series of ornaments adorn your tree or as an extension of holiday cheer on a string of lights! Materials 6 White LED circuit stickers 2 strands of 12” copper tape 10″ […]

Frozen Icicles

Create your own Winter Wonderland by making a paper craft set of icicles that light up with a simple paper circuit and learn how to play with shadows. Make small sections of ice or a very long strand of icicles that can hang from a window’s edge, top of a doorway, or even attach to […]

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