Voltage Experiments for Paper Circuits

This video tutorial is geared toward people who want to take a deep dive into better understanding how battery voltage can impact your paper circuits. In it, you’ll learn how to measure the voltage in your coin cell batteries using a multimeter. Additionally, we’ll explore some of the nuances of how voltage works within a […]

Measuring Battery Voltage Using a Multimeter

How to Tell if Your Battery is Fresh Have you ever wondered whether there was a quick and easy way to tell whether a coin cell battery is nearing the end of its life or still good to use?       One way to get an idea of how much charge is left in your battery is […]

Testing Continuity with a Multimeter

The continuity feature of a multimeter allows you to test for conductivity of materials and trace where electrical connections have been made (or not made). When working with paper circuits, the continuity function of a multimeter is useful for locating wonky connections (joints that should be well connected, but aren’t) and unintended connections (parts that should […]

Measuring Voltage with a Multimeter

Objective: To understand how to use a multimeter to check voltage (power) at various points on your circuit, so you can locate problems and fix them. Overview: So you’ve made a beautiful circuit out of copper tape, but your LEDs are either flickering, or not lighting up at all. What gives? The flickering / dark […]

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