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Welcome to our educational resources page for Chibitronics Circuit Stickers. Here you’ll find lesson plans, templates and fun activities for teachers, educators and students. For educator discounts, please visit our educator discount page.



Lesson Plans

Our lesson plans provide fun, educational activities that comply with NGSS, ISTE, and school standards.

Activity Guide #1

What makes you shine?

Make a light-up name badge with simple circuits and share something about yourself

What makes your world shine?

Engaging students in creating light-up projects with parallel circuits and series circuits.

Activity Guide #3

How are things connected?

Make interactive light-up projects with LED lights and DIY switches and represent things that are connected.


Explore different light effects

Make a light-up project with effect stickers and LED stickers

Project Templates

Download project templates and our sketchbook for classroom use.

simple circuit template

Simple Circuit Template

parallel circuit template

Parallel Circuit Template

DIY Switch Template

DIY Switch Template

Blinking Side Switch Template

Blinking Slide Switch Template

DIY Pressure Sensor Template

DIY Pressure Sensor

simple card template

Simple Blank Card Template

Robot Card Template

Robot Template


Circuit Sticker Sketchbook

Workshop Projects

Fun, educational and creative activities for workshops and students, leveraging circuit stickers. Please also check out our CRAFT section for more ideas!

Light up paper helicopter Chibitronics circuit stickers

Light-Up Paper Helicopter

Make a helicopter with LEDs on the wings that spin as it drops.

Chibitronics Sensor Map Circuit Stickers

Wind Sensing Treasure Map

Use the sound sensor and LED to create a treasure map that lights up the treasure when you blow on the map!

Interactive Card Chibitronics Circuit Stickers

Sailboat Card

Use conductive ink pens to create a sky of twinkling stars when you swipe your finger across the card.

Light Up Piano Notes Chibitronics Circuit Stickers

Piano Notes

Use the microcontroller sticker to light up your music


Starry Nights

Make a starry scope to view the stars.


Solar Card

Use our LED stickers to light up the sun on your solar card


Light Up The Vertex

Combine math and geometry with circuit stickers.


Illuminating the Great Gatsby

Highlight pivotal moments and symbolism in Great Gatsby with circuit stickers.


Van Gogh’s Starry Night

Use the LED stickers to light up Van Gogh’s Starry Night.

Safety Guidelines and Best Practices

For more information, please visit our Safety and Best Practices page.