STEM Reimagined: Craft meets Code

The Love to Code Creative Coding Kit is a fun, new way to learn circuits and coding. Open our interactive storybook, Love to Code Vol 1, and you’re greeted by Fern the Frog and her friends.  Watch this video to hear Fern’s story

Join Fern and her pals on a journey to make cool interactive projects and learn circuits and programming along the way. You’ll learn to make LED lights shine and blink with loops and variables, craft paper switches and program them with conditional statements, and make complex light patterns with multithreaded programming.  Finally, level up your coding skills with our debugging chapter, which shows you how to find and fix problems in projects.

With Love to Code, everyone can create stories with circuits and code!

Getting Started

Chibi Clip circuit

Already have your kit? These tutorials will help you get started!

Code Editors

Love to code editors

Use our text editor or block editor to program your Chibi Chip!

ChibiScript and Arduino Code Editor

If you would like to start with text-based coding, try using ChibiScript, an Arduino-based beginner-friendly coding language. You can code directly in Arduino programming language with this text editor!

Microsoft MakeCode Editor

Makecode Love to Code editor

If you’re new to code, try our Scratch-inspired block code editor by Microsoft MakeCode! We’ve adapted Love to Code Vol 1 to the MakeCode editor. The adaptation is free for download here!

Already have a Love to Code kit?  Here’s how to get started!

This tutorial shows how to assemble a Chibi Chip into the clip.  Note: your Chibi Chip comes pre-assembled in the Creative Coding kit

You can power your circuit with the Love to Code binder, or any other USB power supply.

This tutorial shows you how to upload code from the code editor to your Chibi Chip!

Love to Code Video Tutorials


Not sure how to complete a chapter? Stuck on a technique? Check out these companion video tutorials for the activities in the Love to Code Book!

Programming Quick Demo

Chapter 1: Light Up an LED

Chapter 2: Code a Blink

Chapter 3: Code a Switch

Chapter 3: Paper Switch Gallery

Chapter 4: Fading Lights In and Out

Download Love to Code Volume 1

For Educators

Love to Code Vol 1 is made available under a CC BY-SA-4.0 license. This means you are free to download, copy, print, translate, and remix elements of the book.

We only require that you attribute Chibitronics, and that any derivative works (such as translations and lesson plans) also use the same CC BY-SA-4.0 license.  Please click the CC icon for more details on the license.

Creative Commons License

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