Sailboat Card

Stars twinkle in the sky when you slide your finger across the waves.

The twinkling effect is from a slide switch.

When you press at certain points, you connect LEDs to the battery.

The card is thin and and light,

and fits in a regular envelope!

To make this card, you will need:

1. Download and print out the following template and cut along the black outline:

2. Trace over the gray lines with your conductive ink pen or conductive paint.

3. Stick LED Circuit Stickers over the sticker images.

4. Fold along the dotted line to make your battery holder and slide switch.

5. Clip in a coin cell battery, + side up, to make the lights shine.

6. Fold the card in half and glue the Sailboat scene onto the outside to complete your card. You can also draw your own twinkling scene instead!

Sailboat Card
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