Sound Sensor Tutorial


Use the sound sensor sticker to control the brightness of your LEDs with sound. You can tap, yell, or blow into the sound sensor sticker to make the LEDs glow brighter.

The light sensor sticker has three pads: + and – for power and a signal pad. The sticker also contains a small microphone that allows it to pick up sounds or vibrations. In response to vibrations in the microphone, the voltage on the signal pad changes, causing the connected LEDs to light up.

Follow the tutorial below to create a test circuit for your sound sensor sticker.


STEP 1: Download and print the sound sensor template:

Screen Shot 2015-03-19 at 10.48.36 PM

Then cut out the template.


STEP 2: Stick copper tape over the gray lines


STEP 3: Place the Sound Sensor and LED stickers over their respective footprints. IMPORTANT– For the best results, use LEDs of the same color. Red and yellow pairs, and blue and white pairs will work, however other color combinations usually will not.


STEP 4: Add the battery. Secure using binder clip.

IMG_6640 IMG_6642

You’re done! The LEDs should light up whenever you tap, yell, or blow into the sound sensor.

Below is a video showing the LEDs responding to sound.

Sound Sensor Tutorial
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