Light-up flower ring

This tutorial shows you how to make a light-up flower ring with LED light stickers and magnetic snap switch.


  • Copper tape
  • 5 LED light stickers
  • Scissors
  • Small 3V coin cell battery (CR1025)
  • Paper strip, preferably cardstock
  • Small disc shaped magnets
  • A soldering iron
  • Soldering wire
  • Crystal bead or any decorative material
  • Superglue

Step 1: Stick 5 LED stickers on a piece of paper in circular pattern aligning all the ‘-‘ sides in the inner circle and ‘+’ sides in the outer circle . This arrangement looks like a flower and each sticker is like a petal.ring3

Step 2: Cut out the sticker flower

Step 3: Cut a strip of copper tape, about 4 inches long. Peel off the paper backing and start taping the continuos copper tape strip on top of the conductive pads of the LED lights. Start with the inner circle first, carefully folding the copper tape at each curve. ring5

Step 4: When the tape reaches the end of the inner circle, put a tiny piece of clear tape on the side as shown in the picture. This acts as an insulation pad so that the copper tape touching the ‘-‘ side of the led lights do not touch the ‘+’ side. Continue taping the copper tape on top of the clear tape as shown.

Leave the excess copper tape strip hanging off the flower ring base.

Step 5:  Slightly Fold the excess copper tape strip in half. Peel off the paper backing and stick one of the small disc magnets on the copper strip.

ring 6

Step 6: Fold the tape back over itself and on top of the magnet.  The magnet is help by the copper tape


Step 7: Repeat the step 4, 5 and 6 for the outer ‘+’ circle of the ring. Make sure that positive and negative connections are kept separate. If the copper strip is not continuos, you could join them later via soldering.ring8Your ring should look like this with straps like a watch.

ring 9
Step 8: Solder the copper tape to the stickers. You can refer to this tutorial for soldering circuit stickers. ring10

Step 9: Add the battery. The battery is held by the magnets on the straps of the ring. Make sure the positive side is connected to the positive side of the battery. Wear the ring around your finger using the magnetic snaps

Your ring should light-up as soon as you snap the side strips to the battery.ring12

The ring is bendable so you could give it a bit more depth by slightly folding each petal.


Step 9: Add the crystal bead or any other craft material you like. You can use super glue to stick the bead on top of the stickersring14

 And you’re done! Enjoy wearing your new light-up jewelry. 

ring 15

Light-up flower ring
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