Author : Alisha Panjwani

Light-up your Valentine’s Day- DIY project ideas with Circuit Stickers

Make this Valentine’s Day extra special. Here are some ideas to express your love withĀ unique light-up projects. #1 Hack your favorite Valentine’s Day card and make it flashy with our tropical lights. #2 Add extra spark to theĀ sparkled hearts #3 How could someone possibly ignore a light-up stiletto?Ā  #4 Candle light +Ā Chibi lights, a great […]

Meet the Chibi Maker- Nancy Keslin

This month we are thrilled to introduce to you an amazing paper artist, Nancy Keslin aka Homesclscrapper.Ā Her greeting cards and scrapbook pages designs are absolutely delightful.Ā  She has designed so many breathtakingly beautiful paper projects using Chibitronics Circuit Stickers.Ā Nancy shares with us her creative inspiration and love for paper crafting… What are the things that […]

Meet the Chibi Maker- Jonathan Bobrow

This month we are glad to introduce to you an awesome artist, technologist, math lover and playful maker, Jonathan Bobrow. Currently a graduate student at the MIT Media lab, Jonathan is actively building devices and experiences to make the future a better place. He has been playfully engaging with Chibitronics Circuit Stickers, combining it with […]

Welcome 2016! 16 fun ideas and projects to try this year

“And now we welcome the new year. Full of things that have never been.”Ā  -Rainer Maria Rilke It is time to welcome 2016Ā and make a plan for funnier, healthier and sparklier new beginnings. Here are 16 wonderful light-up ways to get started. #1 Learn new things # 2 Catch up on your sleep #3 Eat […]

Light-up flower ring

This tutorial shows you how to make a light-up flower ringĀ with LED light stickers and magnetic snap switch. MATERIALS AND TOOLS Copper tape 5 LED light stickers Scissors Small 3V coin cell battery (CR1025) Paper strip, preferably cardstock Small disc shaped magnets A soldering iron Soldering wire Crystal bead or any decorative material Superglue Step […]

Explore different light effects

Make a light-up project with effect stickers and LED stickers Ā Grade Level: Suitable for Grade 6 and up Suggested Time: 60-90 mins Ā Overview This activity introduces programmed light behaviors using Chibitronics effect stickers.Ā  Effect stickers are pre-programmed light stickers that make your LEDs shine with different patterns, depending on which sticker you choose: blink on […]

How are things connected? (Switches)

Make interactive light-up projects with LED lights and DIY switches and represent things that are connected. Grade Level: Suitable for Grade 3 and up Suggested Time: 2-3 hours or three 45- 60 min sessions Overview This guide introduces circuits with different types of DIY switches and Chibitronics LED light stickers. The students will be able […]

What Makes Your World Shine? (Parallel Circuits and Series Circuits)

Make a light-up card with multiple lights and share things that spark around you.Grade Level: Suitable for Grade 3 and up Suggested Time: 60-90 mins OverviewThis activity introduces parallel and series circuit using Chibitronics Circuit Stickers. The students will be able to identify and represent things that are part of their world by making a […]

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