Celebrating love for Science on Valentine’s day with circuits at AAAS meeting

What could be a better way to express our love for science than to make DIY light-up cards on Valentine’s day? We were lucky enough to create such an opportunity for hundreds of energetic children and their families on the Valentine’s weekend. Thanks to the Computing Research Association, who graciously invited us to lead quick paper circuits workshop at Family Science days as part of AAAS meeting in Washington, DC.

AAAS Center for Public Engagement organized Family Science Days, a free event for families to have a conversation with scientists and do hands-on science activities. The event was a blast! Despite of the chilly and snowy days, the room was filled with enthusiastic attendees who came to talk with scientists, explore interactive science exhibits and engage in multiple make and take science sessions. We received great response at our booth. Little girls and boys were gravitated to make light-up projects with Chibi Lights.

We had two templates to help the participants get started with making circuits. Make a star Shine Card template from our intro kit was helpful to make the first simple circuit with one light. This project was instantly gratifying and helped the participants gain confidence in creating circuits and made them excited to do more. In the spirit of Valentine’s day and to take the simple circuit activity further, we made another I love Science Color Me Robot Card template with three lights. This allowed the participants to get introduced to the parallel circuits.


The coloring aspect of the card attracted a lot of young children who then wanted to spend some time at the booth to add lights to their cards. Parents were amazed to discover that the circuit making activity can be so easy even for younger kids.

Some participants wanted to stay and learn to design their own circuits. This sparked the scientific conversation around electricity, current flow, short circuits, series circuits and parallel circuit. There were personalized valentine’s day cards, grandmother’s birthday cards, friendship greetings and so on. A little boy was eager to add lights to a space station model that he created at NASA booth.

Two days of fun and magic with spark in everyone’s eyes. We were so delighted to be part of this event and raise interest in science in such a fun way. Thanks to everyone who made it possible for us.

Celebrating love for Science on Valentine’s day with circuits at AAAS meeting
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