Lesson Plan Contest

Congratulations, Winners!

We asked educators to share lesson plans that incorporated our stickers, state education standards, and learning objectives. We’re proud to announce our three winners, and will sharing their lesson plans on the website.

First Prize

Lesson: Lighting Your Town
Created by: Kelli Mocny, Teacher, Foussat Elementary School
Recommended Age Group: 3rd-5th grade
This lesson plan integrated science, social studies and geography.  Students combined city layout, landforms in the area, obstacles they present to the population of an area, with open and closed circuits.

Second Prize

Lesson: Storyboard & Stapleless Mini Book
Created by: Zelia Capitao-Tavares, Elementary Educator, McMurrich Junior Public School
Recommended Age Group: Grade 6
This lesson plan integrated social studies, language and science.  Students worked collaboratively through the inquiry process of generating questions, conducting research and storytelling their learning by designing a stapleless mini book that will be distributed throughout their class and school.


Lesson: Inspiring Mural
Created by: Fanny Passeport, Tech Integrator at Mercedes-Benz International School
Recommended Grade/Age Group: Children (Upper Primary and Up)
This lesson plan integrated art and science.  Students worked together to design a mural, developing collaboration, creativity, communication, critical thinking, problem-solving skills.

Lesson Plan Contest
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