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Chibitronics Lesson Plan Contest

Lesson Plan Contest Submit a lesson plan featuring Chibitronics circuit stickers for your chance to win Chibitronics gift certificates! First Prize: $300 Second Price: $200 Third Prize: $100 Lessons will be judged on creativity, classroom usefulness, and use of primary source materials. Instructions Write a lesson plan featuring Chibitronics circuit stickers, and submit in our […]

3-D Constellation

Click here to download a printable version of this tutorial Tutorial and instructions by: Alex Krasser Topics Covered: Circuit design Scale modeling Astronomy Objectives: To understand that stars in a given constellation can be very different distances away from Earth. The night sky has depth! Also, to understand  the concept of scale, of using a […]

Interactive Flashcard Tutorial

For Grades: 5+ These interactive flashcards are a fun and unique way for students to review topics learned in class.  Each student can create a unique flashcard to contribute to a class compilation of review questions.  The example shown here is an example for a 6th grade science lesson on the human body.  But this […]

Lesson Plan Contest

Congratulations, Winners! We asked educators to share lesson plans that incorporated our stickers, state education standards, and learning objectives. We’re proud to announce our three winners, and will sharing their lesson plans on the website. First Prize Lesson: Lighting Your Town Created by: Kelli Mocny, Teacher, Foussat Elementary School Recommended Age Group: 3rd-5th grade This […]

Explore different light effects

Make a light-up project with effect stickers and LED stickers  Grade Level: Suitable for Grade 6 and up Suggested Time: 60-90 mins  Overview This activity introduces programmed light behaviors using Chibitronics effect stickers.  Effect stickers are pre-programmed light stickers that make your LEDs shine with different patterns, depending on which sticker you choose: blink on […]

How are things connected? (Switches)

Make interactive light-up projects with LED lights and DIY switches and represent things that are connected. Grade Level: Suitable for Grade 3 and up Suggested Time: 2-3 hours or three 45- 60 min sessions Overview This guide introduces circuits with different types of DIY switches and Chibitronics LED light stickers. The students will be able […]

What Makes Your World Shine? (Parallel Circuits and Series Circuits)

Make a light-up card with multiple lights and share things that spark around you.Grade Level: Suitable for Grade 3 and up Suggested Time: 60-90 mins OverviewThis activity introduces parallel and series circuit using Chibitronics Circuit Stickers. The students will be able to identify and represent things that are part of their world by making a […]

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