Twinking Crystal Card With Faded Effect Sticker

Hi Everyone! Tiffany here and today I’m on the Chibitronics blog with a card featuring an Effect Sticker. I finally got my hands on the Neat & Tangled Dazzling stamp set and thought it would work wonderfully with the Faded Effect Sticker. I used the effect sticker to create a sparkling effect around the main crystal image. The card also uses a press switch to activate the Chibitronics lights, press on the word ‘Sparkle’ within the sentiment and the card turns on.

Here are the instructions for this card:

  • Cut out my front panel from white card stock to 4.5 x 3.25 inches. Used my Misti tool to stamp my image onto my panel and onto post-it tape. Cut out my mask and used it to cover my image so I can ink blend my background with Distress Oxide Inks in Seedless Preserve & Black Soot.
  • Remove the mask and color random part of the crystal image with copic markers.
  • Cut an additional panel from black card stocks and stamp the same image (at the same place using the Misti tool) with white ink.
  • From the black panel, cut out the crystal image using a penknife and punch out the middle of 3 sparkles for the LED stickers will be placed.

  • Place my front panel over my card base and mark the holes for the 3 sparkles and mark where the word ‘sparkle’ will be (NOTE: under the word ‘sparkle’ lies my press switch and thus mark as a ‘O’ on my card).
  • For my LED circuit, I draw in my battery onto the lower right hand side and the Effect Sticker on the lower left hand side. My negative circuit will start from the battery and travel to pass my press switch (with a tiny break) and then pass the negative side of my Effect Sticker. The copper tape will continue to the 1st LED sticker, skip on and then touch the 3rd LED sticker.
  • The positive circuit will start at the battery and straight to the Effect Sticker and then to the middle LED sticker.
  • The last circuit path is to connect the ‘switch’ portion of the effect sticker to all 3 LED stickers by first passing through the positive side, then negative, and last positive again.

  • Place down my copper tapes, LED stickers, Effect stickers, and battery onto my card base. Add a tiny piece of foam tape on the back side of my black card stock panel (where the word ‘Sparkle’ will be) and then a piece of copper tape over that.

  • Here is a picture of all 3 completed pieces for my card. I first tape the black card panel with the cutout onto the back of my front image panel (making sure to align the holes). Then place double layers of foam tape around the edge of my front panel and tape it down.

I hope you enjoy this tutorial.

Here is a list of supplies I used for this card:

Twinking Crystal Card With Faded Effect Sticker
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