Lights through glitter vellum window

I love to make cards with lit up windows. I also love everything glitter. So why not combine the two? I made this card using a diecut on an ink blended background and added glitter embossed vellum for that extra sparkle.

This way the card looks extra sparkly and pretty, even when the lights aren’t on. If you want to make a similar car, read on and I will show you how I made it.

I started by ink blending the background and cut it out using a stitched die. I made an extra panel the same size for the electronics behind the front pane. I used wonder clips to make sure they wouldn’t move and drew the outline of the die cut to know where to place the lights. I used a LOT of lights for this card. It’s super extravagant.

For the window, I used regular vellum and coated it with glitter embossing powder. I just smooshed the embossing pad all over the vellum and added just one coat of glitter embossing powder. It’s suuuuuper sparkly.

After that, I attached the glitter vellum behind the front panel using glue. Embossed surfaces like to get unstuck if you glue it down with a tape runner. I used the positive part of the diecut as a guide to stick down all the small in-between pieces in the right places. It’s a bit fiddly but it looks so nice when they are there.

Now it was time to start with the fun stuff. I drew where the lights should go, using the Chibitronics template. I also decided where to put the battery and the switch. For this card, I made a sliding switch.

Now just follow the lines using copper tape and add the LED-stickers on top. I also made the switch using Eikos brilliant directions. I’m always afraid that the battery is going to shift and break the tape so I enforce it with a bit of conductive fabric tape, just to be sure.
Here is the full mess of what it looks like before sticking the front on. I had to double up the 3D foam tape because it was thinner than my battery. If you have thicker foam tape you will only need one layer. I embellished the front after sticking everything together, I never like to wait for things to dry when I’m in the middle of creating something.

I hope you got inspired to do something extravagant with glitter and lights. Here’s a list of the Chibitronics supplies I used.

White LEDs MegaPack (30 stickers)
Copper tape
Conductive Fabric Tape Patches

Lights through glitter vellum window

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