Candle Light – slider switch tutorial

Hello crafty friends,

today I´ve created an almost die cutted birthday card. I did it for the first time as I normally don´t do die cutting much. Only the basics like frames, some sentiments or panels. I also used my patterned paper which I normally just keep looking at and think „Oh! This is so pretty I can´t use it!“.

This card is like a slider witch card. I don´t know if there is any name fort he technique, but I will call it slider switch. You take your finger and slider on the where is „slide here“ and then the lights turn on on the party where your finger is.

For the technique, I think it might be the best to watch >>the video<<, but I´ll try to explain the mechanism:

  • normally, for a simple circuit with a simple switch, the circuit switch would be done directly tot he battery. But now the circuit on the battery is closed.
  • Instead the switch is on top of my foamtape on my folded paper. The strings go to this part so in total I have five. The circuit isn´t closed yet, because the „+“ isn´t connected with the battery yet.
  • To connect to the battery with the „+“ side you need the coppertape on top (inside top!) on the folded paper. Now, when you press the flap down it connects tot he rest oft he circuit und the lights turn on.

The rest of the card is pretty easy to create as I die cut my candle from my never used patterned papers 😉 The flame is out of vellum which I colored in with my yellow Copic Marker.

I hope I could help you recreating this card and I hope to see you back soon.


Candle Light – slider switch tutorial
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