Light Up Reindeer Pop-up Card

Hi Everyone! Tiffany here and today I have for you a cute little pop-up box card featuring Lawn Fawn’s mini pop up box and the deer add-on dies set. The Chibitronics element for this card will be the light up nose for the reindeer and the LED light is activated when you press the designated spot.


To create my card I first prep all the materials I will need: (1) cut out my front panel from an old Lawn Fawn winter plaid paper set along with a strip of white card stock with my sentiment stamped in black ink; (2) from brown card stock die cut a mini pop up box and trim off the flaps of the box; (3) cut out all the pieces of the deer add on set from tan card stock and glue everything in place; and (4) cut out the nose and mouth from white card stocks and colors it in with copic markers and then punch a hole in the middle of the reindeers nose after gluing everything into place.

The body of my card itself is made up of my folded card base and a panel cut to A2 size will be underneath it. The lower panel will be ‘layer 1’ while my card base will be ‘layer 2’. I have drawn in my battery placement and a dot for my Press Here Button onto Layer 1. On Layer 2, I have used a small rectangle die to cut out a middle panel for my copper tape. Last, I cut out an additional panel for the inside of my reindeer with where the LED light position drawn into place.

Next, I draw in my copper tape path. The copper tapes will move from Layer 1 to Layer 2 via the cut out panel. I also used a circle die to partially cut out my battery holder. This will allow me to change the battery from the back of my card. I placed a strip of post-it tape onto the other side to hold the flap into place.

I lay strip of double layered foam tape around my battery and then lay down the the beginning of my negative copper tape over the battery flap and around my foam tape. Next, Took a strip of post it tape and wrap copper tape around it for my positive circuit.

Tape down my positive post it tape over my foam strips and finish off my positive circuit by leading the copper tape to the left and then up. Make sure to leave a tiny gap at the lower corner for my activation button. Where the gap is on Layer 1, I have marked the same area on Layer 2 and placed a strip of copper tape on the back of Layer 2. Thus, when I press down it will compete the positive circuit. To complete this part, I lead both the negative and positive tape to the top of the card.

To finish this part, I lay down double layers of foam tape around the edge of my card panel.

Tape my card base on top of my lower card panel with both copper tape thread through the opening.

Continue taping the copper tape down to the middle of my card base.

Next, I cut out 2 panels from Lawn Fawn card stocks and glue it down. Making sure the copper tapes stick out from the middle.

Add adhesive to my pop up box reindeer.

Tape down one side of my pop up box tab and tread my copper tape through the middle.

Carefully position my LED position card into the reindeer box and potion my copper tape onto it.

Last, add my red LED light sticker where the nose is and glue the tab into place.

Finally, I tape down my front panel onto my card base and add a Press Here tab onto my activation area.

I hope you enjoy the tutorial for my card and here is the list of supplies:

Light Up Reindeer Pop-up Card

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