Fireplace Pop-up Card

Hi, everyone! This is June!

Winter has begun. Winter in South Korea is very cold, but each house has a underfloor heating system called Ondol, so the house is very warm. That’s why houses with fireplaces are rare in my country. However, I often wish to have a fireplace that looks warm and cozy at home. Since I live in a house without a fireplace, I made a Christmas card with a fireplace I wanted!

This card is a pop-up card which is the perfect for the A2 size envelope. If you lift the card and make it 3D box style, the LEDs light up by itself. Finally, though not real, you will have a fireplace that looks very warm and cozy because of the lights.

Please watch my YouTube video tutorial if you want to make the Fireplace Pop-up Card. And follow the instructions that shows you how to make this step by step. 



  • Download the Template and print it on a piece of card stock.

Stamping and Coloring

Cutting Paper

Making Fireplace

  • Cutting the fireplace parts like above the picture.

In addition, I used these tools to make the pop-up card.

Switch Assembly

Mark the location on the inside of the fireplace as shown in the picture and attach the switch part of the template to complete a switch that automatically turns the light on and off.

Circuit Composing

You can create a circuit as shown in the picture above by attaching the copper tape and adhering the Chibitronics stickers to the desired location as shown in the template.

Please follow the video tutorial with the supplies mentioned above if you want make it. Hope you can enjoy this post!

Thank you for stopping by!

June Lee (Instagram : paperandcircuit)

YouTube chanel : Paper & Circuit

Fireplace Pop-up Card
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