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Light Up Window Card

Hi, my friends! It’s June(Jooyeon)! I hope you all doing well! I’m happy to share my Chibitronics monthly project here again. I’m sharing the Light Up Window Cards today. When the card opens the LEDs light up beautifully! I hope you make this cards by watching the video tutorial below. Below is the list of […]

Christmas Shaker Tags

Hi, friends! This is June. Christmas is always a word that makes me happy. So I created light-up shaker tags for Christmas season.  Light up a happy Christmas with this tag featuring cute little kids. This video tutorial will show you how to make the light-up shaker tag with tiny winter scene. Below is the […]


Hi friends, June(Jooyeon Lee) here again!  Today I am sharing a beautiful Peacock Thank You Card(Actually this is a post card, not a card.) for Chibitronics monthly project. Most peacocks are blueish, but the ones I made have many colors such as yellow, pink, and so on. Which of these four-colored peacocks do you like best? […]

Light-up Bookmark

Hi, crafty friends! This is June(Jooyeon). It’s getting hotter. So I think it’s time to go on a summer vacation. But since it’s a difficult time because of COVID19, I’m going to spend my vacation eating delicious food and reading books in a cozy and comfortable my house. At that time I might need a […]

Spring Fields Swish Pop-up Card

Happy Monday! June is coming here again! I am so excited to share this monthly project again. Today I bring you a Swish Pop-up card featuring the adorable sheep that are playing on the spring fields with friends.  Of course, this card is also a light-up card made of Chibitronics LED stickers. It it automatically […]

BIRDS IN WOODS – Pull Tab Light-up Card

Hi, crafty friends! This is June. I am happy to share this monthly project here again. Today I bring you a pull-tab pop-up card featuring the adorable birds from the Hello Bluebird that are having a happy time with the shining stars in the night sky. The shining stars used Chibitronics circuit stickers to make […]

Swish ‘n Pop Pull Tab Card

Hi, my crafty friends! it’s June! I’m so happy to share my project here again. Today, I’m sharing the Swish ‘n Pop Pull Tab Card. When the tab is pulled, the switch turns on and the LEDs light-up. I hope you make this cute card by watching the video tutorial below Supplies TEMPLATE Swish ‘n […]

Lift the Flap Card for Sweet Christmas

Hi everyone! This is June.I can’t believe that this year is almost over. Unfortunately, it’s a very fast passing time, but we are grateful that Christmas still remains with us. I made the last Christmas card in this year. Pretty birds are celebrating Christmas with sweet things on this card. That bird’s house is also […]

Fireplace Pop-up Card

Hi, everyone! This is June! Winter has begun. Winter in South Korea is very cold, but each house has a underfloor heating system called Ondol, so the house is very warm. That’s why houses with fireplaces are rare in my country. However, I often wish to have a fireplace that looks warm and cozy at […]

Light Up Poinsettias!-with Pressure Sensor

Hello. Everyone! This is June! I can feel the perfect autumn. I don’t think there’s anything more fun for card makers than making Christmas cards for this fall day. It’s October, so it’s not too early, is it? I hope you enjoy crafting for Christmas! This monthly project had been designed as a circuit with […]

Slimline Slider Card

Hi friends, June here with a slider card !  Christmas is coming! I absolutely love creating Christmas theme cards. This Month, I made a Christmas card with the atmosphere of the night to make it perfect for the light-up card. so I really have been happy to creating this slimline slider cards with these little […]

Shadow Box Light-up Card

Hello, my crafty friends! This is June. I’m glad to share my cards here again for Chibitronics monthly project. This time, I created Shadow Box Cards again to thank the coming rich and cozy autumn using Hello Bluebird Stamps. I love the shadow box card very much because it creates a three dimensional scene with […]

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