Chibitronics + ISTE Live23 = Brilliant PD

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Taking inspiration from classroom tested activities found in the Chibitronics Paper Circuits STEAM Educators Guide, educators Barbara Liedahl and Susan Brown will be leading a workshop at the International Society for Technology Education (ISTE) Live23 Edtech Conference in Philadelphia this summer!

Together, this dynamic duo offers a highly engaging, fun approach to the art of expressive circuitry, one steeped in research and grounded in the ISTE Standards.

The Paper Circuits STEAM Educator Guide is available as a free download.
Haunted House Pt. 2: Light Colors in Sequence 

The image above shows an example of how one might use circuit switches, silhouettes, and shadows to help tell a story.

Here are the details!

Workshop Title

The Big Reveal: Circuit Switches, Silhouettes and Shadows to Tell a Story


Learn how to create a piece of interactive media artwork that reveals a hidden story through paper circuit switches, silhouettes, and shadows. We’ll explore the effects of light through different materials, and select a specific material and technique that works best for an artistic goal. Then, you’ll be able to bring this exciting lesson back to your classroom!

Date & Location

  • Monday, June 26, 3pm–4:30pm Eastern
  • Location is at the Philadelphia Marriott Downtown, adjacent to the convention center.

Learn More & Register

To learn more about this exploratory deep dive into story telling with paper circuitry, or to register, visit the ISTELive23 registration page.

Chibitronics + ISTE Live23 = Brilliant PD
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