Birthday Panda Featuring our Animating White Fade Stickers

Happy Friday!  I’m Allison Cope and today I’m sharing my latest light up card featuring products from Chibitronics.

Today we’re going we are going to light up this little panda’s birthday candle plus putting a little pink in her cheeks! Our little card features the Whimsy Stamps “Party Panda”.

I began today’s card creation by stamping our panda and sentiment on the outside AND the inside of my card. I masked our little black n’ white bear and ink blended her background. Once the masks were removed, I colored her up using Copic Markers.

I like to stamp the inside panel so that I can precisely place all of my stickers exactly where I need to light up on the card front.

I began to plan out my circuit on my lightly stamped image. I first planned out the location of my 3 stickers. I used the handy “Craft Stencil” to indicate their location.

Then I located my battery area and added all the lines to complete my circuit. I began the negative side of my circuit inside the “Battery Holder” and then I drew my blue lines out to over lap the pointy ends of my LED Light Stickers. Next I drew out the red lines for the positive sides of my circuit. The positive side begins on the inside lid of the “Battery Holder“. The red lines went out to cross over the fatter part of the LED Light Stickers.

I began to begin the circuit by adding my LED Light Stickers. I used one heart-shaped Animating White Fade Sticker for the candle light. I used 2 Pink LED Light Stickers for her cheeks.

I applied my Conductive Fabric Tape to the negative side of the circuit first. This side of the circuit needs to begin on the underside of the battery.

Next I added my Conductive Fabric Tape to the positive side of the circuit. I began adding the Conductive Fabric Tape to the inside lid of my “Battery Holder“, wrapping around the lid to the top and down to the circuit base and out to all the fatter ends of each LED Light Stickers.

Once the circuit was complete, I added the C-shaped foam adhesive to the inside of the battery holder, popped in a battery and tested the circuit out.

And here’s the final lit up card…

I just love her little lit up pink cheeks! Happy Birthday!

Thanks for stopping by!

~ Allison Cope ~

Birthday Panda Featuring our Animating White Fade Stickers
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