Looking Over the Rooftop Holiday Card with Two Separate Circuits and the Reed Switches

Hi crafty friends!
The holiday season is coming. It’s a Joyful and heartwarming time.
I’d like to show a winter scene card to you today.

This card has two screens. One is daytime and the other is night.
The sky turns from day to night.

I use reed switches and the animating LED sticker for this card.
Do you know how does the animating LED work?
If you’ve never watched it, check out the below movie!

When you turn the sky disc, the scene changes from day to night, then the stars shine and window lights are lit up.

1. Supplies

・Card base 4 1/4 x 11 inch; fold at the center
・Back ground panel 4 1/4 x 5.5inch
・City scape; cut the 2 sheets of mountain background using Over the rooftops dies by Concord and 9th.
cut the parts of the buildings and car then assemble those parts.
・Sky disc; cut 2 discs of white paper and one board thick 1mm, the board is for the circuit using Over the rooftops dies Color with ink blending one sky sheet. Cut out the battery hole and the reed switch hole on the board.
・Brads for setting the spining disc
・Cell batteries ; 2 pieces CR2016
Reed switches; 2 pieces
・neodymium magnet; 2 pieces  I chose the small and thin magnet 0.5mm thick
・LED stickers; 4 yellow lights for the window, 2 white lights for the stars
Animating LED sticker; rainbow fade light for the star
Conductive fabric tape

2. The Circuits

This card has two independent circuits.
Firstly, I show the sky disc circuit.
A reed switch is on the circuit.
This reed switch is open normally, and the magnet works at the closing point, then the switch gets closed.
The circuit is closed then the lights are on.

I set the magnet on the surface of the background panel as shown in the below photo.

Second, I show the other circuit for the window lights.
It’s on the mountain panel. This circuit has a reed switch too.
This reed switch works be the magnet inside the sky disc.

I show here where the magnet for the window lights circuit. Sorry to forget to take a photo.

3. Making the Scene

I cover the circuit with the mountain and building panel.

I did it.
In the silent night, look over the rooftop.

Thank you so much for stopping by today.
Have a wonderful week!

Yukiko I.

Looking Over the Rooftop Holiday Card with Two Separate Circuits and the Reed Switches
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