Light-Up Artist Palette Magnet featuring Chibitronics LED Stickers

Charm with Light!

In this post, new Design Team member Emily Brooks will show you how to craft a glowing, wearable, magnetic charm!

Calling all art teachers, appreciators, and enthusiasts! If you want to make your own light-up artist palette magnet without any soldering or resistor calculations, follow the steps below!


Circuit Sticker LEDs (I’m using red, orange, yellow, green, blue, pink LED stickers)

Conductive Fabric Tape

battery holder with switch

CR 2032 battery

gold mirror acrylic

hot glue


Step 1:

Design your shape as vectors.

For this design, I wanted to create a front and back that allowed the colored lights to shine through as the wells of paint. (NOTE: my design is reversed since I used the laser cutter for mirror acrylic). I also wanted to leave a cut out for the battery holder so it wouldn’t be too bulky with additional layers.

Step 2:

Use the laser cutter to cut out the shapes.

I used a PS48 CO2 laser cutter, which is capable of cutting mirror acrylic when upside down. Be sure to check your own safety settings for your laser cutter.

Step 3:

Trace circles for your Chibitronics Circuit Sticker LEDs, and easily peel and stick your circuit stickers on your shape so that the larger positive (+) side faces the outside of the shape and the smaller negative (-) side faces the inside of the shape.

Step 4:

Use Chibitronics Conductive Fabric Tape to trace along your circuit paths connecting to the leads of your battery holder.

Step 5:

Flip the switch and test your circuit.

Step 6:

Hot glue your battery holder to your bottom layer, your top layer to your bottom layer, and your magnet to your bottom layer.

Step 7:

Enjoy your light-up artist palette magnet as a pendant for a magnetic necklace or anywhere else you use magnets!

Light-Up Artist Palette Magnet featuring Chibitronics LED Stickers
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