Testing Continuity with a Multimeter

The continuity feature of a multimeter allows you to test for conductivity of materials and trace where electrical connections have been made (or not made). When working with paper circuits, the continuity function of a multimeter is useful for locating wonky connections (joints that should be well connected, but aren’t) and unintended connections (parts that should […]

USB Powered Paper Circuits: An Alternative to Coin Batteries

Coin batteries are great for powering paper circuits, but they can be costly — both in terms of expense and environmental impact. USB power is a great substitute for coin batteries if you need more power, want to leave a project turned on, or don’t want to keep switching out batteries. It’s also useful for […]

Measuring Voltage with a Multimeter

Objective: To understand how to use a multimeter to check voltage (power) at various points on your circuit, so you can locate problems and fix them. Overview: So you’ve made a beautiful circuit out of copper tape, but your LEDs are either flickering, or not lighting up at all. What gives? The flickering / dark […]

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