pressure sensitive conductive plastic

A Playful Series on Augmenting Found Art with LED Switches

By Hello Play! for Chibitronics  As a collective with a passion for creative learning, we (Andrea, Celeste, and Mariana) wanted to explore how to create playful experiences around the theme of circuit switches. “How can we augment found art (a story, a painting, a song etc.) with LED Switches?” was the prompt we used to […]

10 Ways to Use Pressure Sensitive Conductive Plastic

If you aren’t yet familiar with our Pressure Sensitive Conductive Plastic, and some of the ways that it might be used to add intrigue and interactivity to your cards, crafts, and creations, this post is for you! As the name suggests, Pressure Sensitive Conductive Plastic is a type of plastic that conducts electricity, in varying […]

Create a Light Up Starry Night Sky

Hi crafty friends, I made a fun starry night sky for you today. I used the Pressure Sensitive Conductive Plastic, which lets the lights come on separately and allows them to be brighter or dimmer. I hope you enjoy, let’s get started. I inked the background with distress oxide inks, Blueprint Sketch, Prize Ribbon, Chipped […]

Light up card using pressure sensitive conductive plastic

Hi friends, It’s Wei Wei here. Today I would like to share this adorable fairy friends card showcasing the pressure sensor conductive plastic. This card is very easy to do. The only different is that I added the new product – pressure sensitive conductive plastic! I started by creating the inking background with distress inks and […]

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